City of Brookfield Case Study

The Challenge

The City of Brookfield was looking for a way to improve the health of their employees and their spouses. They wanted to implement a wellness program with the hope of reducing their medical premiums.

The Solution

With the help of Well Nation’s wellness program, the City of Brookfield has seen measurable success by  improving employee health, reducing the number of sick days, reducing medical premiums. In addition, the City of Brookfield has seen noticeable changes in company culture and employee morale.


Benefit enrolled employees and spouses were required to participate in the events listed below in order to receive a significant discount in their medical premium. Required events include:

  • Completion of a Health Risk Assessment
  • Completion of one Health Coaching session


Participation in wellness events is the key to organizational behavior change; therefore above 85% participation in each event is the goal. This employer encouraged participation by showing leadership support, offering a premium-based incentive, including spouses in the program, and having a strong communication plan.

Year 1

Eligible Members – 550
Participated in HRA – 142
Participation Percentage – 42%

Year 4

Eligible Members – 547
Participated in HRA – 459
Participation Percentage – 84%

Year 2

Eligible Members – 550
Participated in HRA – 300
Participation Percentage – 55%

Year 5

Eligible Members – 549
Participated in HRA – 473
Participation Percentage – 86%

Year 3

Eligible Members – 560
Participated in HRA – 432
Participation Percentage – 77%

Year 6

Eligible Members – 479
Participated in HRA – 472
Participation Percentage – 99%

Significant Changes:

Fitness Related Risks

Employees made a 47% improvement in those at risk due to physical inactivity.

Cancer Related Risks

47% of employees have reduced their risk of developing cancer

Nutrition Related Risks

Employees made a 23% improvement in those at risk due to poor nutritional habits.

Overall Wellness Score:

The goal over time is to improve the overall wellness score of your organization. Research has shown that this score correlates closely with health care costs, productivity, overall well-being and quality of life. This employer has reduced the health risks of its population by 20% over the course of their six-year program.

Brookfield Percentage at Risk
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