Sitting for extended periods of time, whether in a vehicle or at work, increases obesity risk.  This, in turn, increases the risk to chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Spring into exercise mode and decrease employee obesity risk by encouraging employees to take part in Bike to Work Week.

National Bike to Work Week is held the week of May 11-15, with Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 15. It’s a great platform for you, the employer, to emphasize getting up and getting moving to your employees.  The goal is to empower your employees with the continual “drive” (or bike) to keep moving whenever they can.

What can your company do to support biking to work?

  • Save the date!
    • E-mail reminders to employees before and during the week to prepare them for the biking event. Highlight bike trails and parks in your company’s area to promote safe traveling.
  • Create a work challenge!
    • Supply a biking challenge for the entire month of May based on miles tracked via biking or other physical activity.
  • Provide bike tune ups after the work day to ensure employees bikes are in working order.
  • Bike safety is very important! Provide an educational event on bike safety during a lunch break. Examples include: how to properly fit a helmet or how to signal to other bikers and drivers.

How can your organization maintain physical fitness within your company?

  • Start a corporate wellness program.
    • Whether your organization is looking to increase workforce productivity, improve absenteeism, decrease healthcare costs or simply improve the health and wellness of your organization, a wellness program is likely the solution.
  • Provide regular companywide monthly wellness challenges.
    • Create employee drive and motivation with corporate challenges designed to assist your employees in making healthier life choices each day.
  • Make the work environment an active one.
    • Promote standing desks, walking during break times, exercise “buddy” sign-up sheets posted in the break room and taking meetings to the hallway for a walking conversation.

Partnering with the right wellness platform, such as Well Nation®, can positively impact your organization’s overall health by providing the tools and resources needed to become healthy and save in healthcare costs. From convenient targeted wellness coaching to overall health assessments, Well Nation® offers a suite of comprehensive and easy-to-use resources to change one’s lifestyle.