Did you know that something as effortless as being outdoors can be a simple and natural stress reducer for your employees?  Nature’s health benefits, which include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving immune function, can help increase productivity, lower absenteeism, and boost focus and creativity within your company. June is National Great Outdoors month. This month is a great time for you to take your company’s wellness efforts outside.

How can you, the employer, encourage outdoor activities during the workweek?

  • Offer Bike Racks for Employees
    • Offering bike racks encourages employees to bike to and from work while enjoying the fresh air and fitness. As an added incentive, employees riding their bike to work could be entered into a drawing for bike accessories.
  • Get Moving with Walking Trails!
    • Create multiple walking paths with measured distances for easy tracking, including natural, rural or city areas.
  • Dining with Nature
    • Provide picnic tables to employees for outdoor eating. If outdoor space is not available, engage employees with nature by creating an environment indoors with plants or full wall posters of nature scenes.
  • Fill Your Office with Plants and Natural Light
    • Reduce stress during the workday with the addition of plants to your office. Enhance employee experiences by using natural light as well as utilizing windows facing natural scenes.
  • Have a Photo Safari of Nature and Create a Company Mosaic
    • As a team building activity, have employees go outside to take pictures of the sky, plants, weather or animals. Print off the pictures and make a mosaic in your lunchroom. Recent studies have shown that viewing nature pictures helps reduce stress levels and improve brain wellness.
  • Outdoor Walk and Talk Meetings (Take it Outside!)
    • Change your venue for new and creative thinking! Holding meetings outdoors is a simple way to get your dose of nature without taking a break from the job. If laptops are available, grant permission to take these outdoors and utilize the picnic tables for an outdoor workstation.
  • Recess at Work Day
    • Proclaim a “Recess at Work Day”, boosting employee morale while managing stress and helping your organization thrive. Examples include simple school yard games like jump rope, hopscotch, four square, or Frisbee.

Interested in additional ways to get employees’ outdoors?  Well Nation® can help. Partnering with the right wellness company can impact your organization’s overall wellness while reducing healthcare costs. Through our comprehensive suite of easy-to-use resources and tools, Well Nation® leads the way to engaging employees with their outdoor wellness, decreasing stress and increasing productivity.