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Our convenient employer portal enabling easy real-time program monitoring and access to helpful tools and resources. Keep your employees healthy, happy and productive with minimal administration and easy incentive management.

Resource Center

The Well Nation® Employer portal provides an abundance of helpful tools and resources for managing your wellness program. The easy to use tools include step by step program guides, communication and promotional templates, pre-designed challenges and more. Our proven processes and tools help minimize time spent on administrative tasks while maximizing employee participation and engagement.

Year Round Support

We are committed to your success and our team will work with you to ensure your program is designed to meet the needs of your organization. We offer a wide range of support specialists from customer service representatives to dedicated program advisor support. We match the level of support to the complexity of your program to ensure a seamless and successful experience with our Well Nation program.

Champion Rewards™ Program

Although incentives are a great way to keep participants engaged in a wellness program, managing them can be an administrative challenge. This is why Well Nation® is built our Champion Rewards™ platform with innovative incentive management options that make it easy to reward employees for reaching participation or wellness milestones.

Program administrators can select various activities, challenges, preventative exams or biometric milestones and assign point values that employees must complete to earn the desired incentive. The program requirements can be modified each year to evolve with the needs and progress of your organization.

Program Monitoring and Reporting

Employers and program administrators are supplied with ample reporting tools to effectively monitor employee participation and progress within the program. Employer dashboards provide real-time updates on the use and completion of health risk assessment, biometric collection, health coaching and incentive achievement. The real-time information allows program administrators to tailor their communication strategy to drive greater participation in these core processes.

The Employer portal also includes detailed aggregate reporting on the employee population to help identify at risk behaviors and biometric levels and clear action steps to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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