A recent article published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine concluded that the comprehensive workplace wellness program used by Trotter Wellness® in this study, “offers a potentially powerful strategy to improve the lives of millions of workers.”

The study, sponsored by Pinnacol Assurance of Colorado, is a first-of-its-kind by a large-scale workers’ compensation company. It was authored by one of the researchers involved, Ron Goetzel, PhD, a nationally recognized expert in health and productivity management, along with other experts in the field. The aim was to “influence workers’ health more generally instead of the traditional workers’ compensation focus of accident prevention.

Despite being conducted in one of the top ten healthiest states in the nation, and being largely comprised of small businesses with under 50 employees, Trotter Wellness’ program garnered an impressive $2: $1 ROI in health costs and productivity in just the first year, and demonstrated reductions in ten health risk factors across the study population including: obesity, poor eating habits, poor physical activity, tobacco use, high alcohol consumption, high stress, depression, high blood pressure, high total cholesterol and high blood glucose.

To request a free copy of the article, “Estimating the Return on Investment from a Health Risk Management Program Offered to Small Colorado-Based Employers” Click here.