Whether your organization is looking to increase workforce productivity, improve absenteeism, decrease healthcare costs, or simply improve the health and wellness of your organization, a wellness program is likely the solution. However, the key is choosing the right corporate wellness program—both program design and program platform. The combination of these two components is important for a corporate wellness program to achieve its desired goals.

Assessing your organization’s “wellness environment” is essential to understanding your wellness needs and selecting and constructing the right program design. From there, partnering with the right wellness platform, that has the experience along with the tools and resources is key to running your program smoothly and successfully.

Understanding the Wellness Needs of Your Organization

Every organization has different wellness needs. And so, corporate wellness programs are not all designed the same. An employer can foster a wellness program that fits the needs of their employees by evaluating their wellness environment. There are several key factors to consider when assessing the wellness needs of your organization:

You are investing in the future of your organization and workforce with a wellness program. What are the outcomes you would like to see from your investment? Selecting and designing a program that is in alignment with your organization’s top one or two goals is key.

Whether your organization is in your first year or several years in of your corporate wellness program, the tenure of the program is an important indicator of the wellness culture. As corporate wellness programs progress and become an integral part of an employer’s culture, the program design also evolves. What is the wellness history of your organization?

Your organization will need to know how much time will be allotted for the designated corporate wellness program administrator to plan, implement, manage, and oversee the program. If your organization is like most and time is limited, you need to assess how your organization can achieve your goal(s) through an impactful, but low administration wellness program.

Budgetary considerations are an important factor that can drive program set-up and design. Look for a wellness platform that offers affordability, measurability, and pricing transparency.

The success of any corporate wellness program is due in part to the participation of employees. A health risk assessment and biometric screening are often the necessary foundation of a wellness program. But, what else is available to engage employees throughout the year? Employers who know what employee’s health and wellness interests are and what they are ready for will have the benefit to create a program with high engagement year round.

Partnering with the Right Wellness Platform

A wellness partner is often a critical piece in creating and maintaining a successful corporate wellness program. With a growing wellness industry, it is even more important to look for one with the experience, tools and resources, and support to execute your corporate wellness program seamlessly.
When choosing a wellness platform, look for a provider, like Well Nation®, that works closely with employers to assess your needs and understand your goals. Well Nation®, a wellness platform provider with over 10 years of leadership in the corporate wellness industry, offers an innovative, flexible, and easy to administer technology based wellness platform solution. To learn more about Well Nation® visit www.wellnation.com.

Interested in assessing your organization’s wellness needs? Take this quiz to learn more about choosing the right wellness program for your organization and to find out what type of corporate wellness program your organization will most benefit from.