With the use of wellness challenges, rewards trackers, and the slew of other wellness tools available these days, does wellness coaching still has a place in today’s corporate wellness programs? The answer is YES! Wellness coaching has been shown to be successful in promoting behavior change and risk reduction. Technology, however, is changing the way wellness coaching is delivered. Through the use of technology, coaching interactions can be more targeted, immediate, and accessible than ever before.

An emerging trend in the wellness industry is a movement from traditional onsite and telephonic wellness coaching to virtual wellness coaching. By going virtual, the features and benefits of wellness coaching are further enhanced due to more opportunities for frequent and multi-faceted interactions between the wellness coach and the participant.

Traditional wellness coaching consists of a wellness coach consulting the employee on results from a health risk assessment and from there setting goals on specific areas of improvement. If multiple sessions are available, goal progress is discussed and tips and guidance are provided. However, what is missing in this traditional approach to coaching is the timely encouragement and motivation your employee needs when he or she is struggling or achieving an accomplishment is missing. The addition of virtual wellness coaching fills in these gaps and delivers a targeted and interactive approach which fosters and supports your employees’ adoption of sustainable healthy behaviors.

What are the Feature of Technology-Based Coaching?

  • Online Forums: Your employees are able to talk with a wellness coach at any time by starting a conversation through a secure online forum.
  • Mobile App Messaging: A wellness coach sends words of encouragement to your employee who may have missed logging an activity or congratulates him or her for completing a healthy behavior.
  • Goal Reminders and Accountability: Your employee can setup automatic reminders to keep them on track to meet their wellness goal achievement date.
  • Targeted Wellness Coaching Programs: Employees progress through a program that targets a specific risk factor, such as weight management. Programs are conducted entirely online. The employee participates in daily lessons and tracks daily action items. A coach can review employee progress and comment.

What are the Benefits of Technology-Based Coaching?

  • Convenience: Online wellness coaching can occur anywhere and wherever your employee is.
  • Timely: Employees are more likely to respond to a message post, email, or text from their wellness coach compared to calling or making an appointment to speak in person.
  • Anonymity: Some employees feel more comfortable with interacting over a computer, tablet, or mobile phone compared to in person or via telephone.
    Change: When employees are more honest and open with their wellness coach, real behavior change occurs.
  • Is technology-based wellness coaching the missing piece to your corporate wellness program? Use this handout to help you evaluate the features and benefits of online, telephonic, and technology-based wellness coaching.

Interested in Learning More?

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