As a wellness program administrator, you play a key role in the success of your wellness program. You are responsible for implementing and monitoring the wellness program from start to finish. Your goal is to improve the health of employees and reduce insurance claims. Feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of administering a wellness program? Don’t be. Follow the seven steps below to help achieve the most successful wellness program for your organization.

Know the Value of Incentives

Incentives motivate. Incentives drive participation. Make sure to determine a budget and that you have an understanding of what motivates employees before deciding on an incentive structure.

Set Goals

Set goals for your organization that are specific and clear. Post the goals in a centralized area so everyone is aware and can monitor the progress. Goals help people achieve success. It gives them another reason to try harder.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communicate early and often! Ensure all communications are well written and contain all the necessary program information so employees know what to expect throughout the program year.

Stand Firm

Set deadlines and stick to them. Don’t make exceptions unless it is absolutely necessary. Deadlines are set for a reason. Once you give a little, employees expect a lot.

Focus on Wellness Every Week

Show employees that wellness matters. Make wellness an ongoing focus, not something employees do once or twice a year.

Enlist Help

Create a wellness committee. Ask a few individuals from different departments to get involved. Hold weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings to discuss future wellness activities and ideas that employees may be interested in.

Get Involved Yourself

Get involved in the program and be an advocate for it. It is important to demonstrate to employees the changes it will make in their lives. Make sure to lead by example.

As a wellness program administrator, we know you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. At Well Nation®, we want to help. We are here to make your role as program administrator as simple and hassle free as possible.